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You Won't Believe The Manufacturer of THIS Quality Tool

For the professional, only the very best is good enough when it comes to sourcing the right power tools for the job. Festool is a name that is often heard when talking about power tools of the most superior quality and the team at Mercer & Sons can definitely confirm that Festool is a name not to be taken lightly. Now, you can get your hands on the TS55 - described as “the very best plunge saw every created by Festool”.

Festool have been market leaders in the field since very early on in the company’s history. Like every company, Festool started small but quickly grew to become one of the most respected tool designers and manufacturers in the world thanks to their innovative style of design and unmatched dedication to quality.

The TS55 circular plunge saw represents yet another new milestone in the development of Festool. It has been designed with four guiding principles in mind - safety, productivity, comfort and accuracy - to produce a plunge cut saw that blows the competition right out of the workshop. Available at an almost unbelievably-low price from Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire and ready to be shipped for next day delivery right away, the TS55 Plunge Saw is loaded with features is loaded with features, including:

  • Fully-integrated splinterguard to keep you safe as houses

  • A viewing panel that has been positioned using ergonomic science principles

  • FastFix technology to reduce your downtime and improve productivity

  • A fast, powerful and reliable brake for those emergency moments

  • Unique guiderail option to improve accuracy even further if required - you have no excuse for mis-cutting now!

  • Angle setting that can be moved to a wide variety of positions, mirroring the quality of the mobile viewing window. These functions together mean that you can always quickly find the most effective working position for each individual project

  • Extraction duct is included - this component features an innovatively designed shape that has been shown to dramatically improve dust removal during the tool's’ operation

Check out these pictures - they show L2 apprentices using power tools provided by Mercer & Sons - we are proud to support the next generation of upcoming workers and look forward to seeing what innovations they come up with in later years.

Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire

This list alone should be enough to convince you that the TS55 is the tool YOU need! If you have got any more questions or want to hear more about what the versatile Festool power tool can do, give our experts a call. You might just hear a little bit of exclusive news as well…

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