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Worx Power Tools - Power with Precision

Worx power tools are incredibly popular due to their robust, reliable nature. Combining high-power with delicate accuracy, the Worx range of power tools can be adapted suit any sized job, from a demanding major project to a small yet complex repair.

It is common sense to start any job with the correct tool but, too often, little thought is given to completing the project. An inferior tool that breaks down or suffers reduced functionality halfway through a job can be incredibly time-consuming, costly and frustrating. A reliable, strong tool designed for heavy duty is the only way to avoid these negative consequences.

One of the most popular Worx power tools available direct from Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Direct is the WU370 WORX Pro 18v Cordless Combi Drill. Like all cordless Worx power tools, this strong and efficient drill features the Worx exclusive high-efficiency DC motor combined with a high-capacity lithium battery, delivering 18 volts of power. With unrivalled drilling performance in a variety of situations, the WU370 is an essential addition to any kit.

The WU530 WORX Pro 165mm Cordless Circular Saw is one of the best available on the market. With an adjustable cutting angle giving a cut-depth of up to 41.5mm, the durable TCT blade has 24 cutting teeth. A dust extraction outlet, electric brake, safety switch and soft-grip handles make this tool extremely safe to use and at 3.1kg, the saw is a lightweight, extremely-portable item.

The job of sanding is often an unpleasant one, releasing clouds of dust into the working environment. Traditional filters aim to trap this dust inside a bag but the patented Worx Cyclonic Dust/Air Separator effectively separates air and dust without the need for a bag at all. An integral part of the WU651 WORX Pro 125mm Vibra Free Sander, this technology eliminates the problem of clogged dust filters and means air expelled is cleaner and safer than with an ordinary filter, with 50% more dust being collected than in other sanders. The sanding process itself is also made far easier with this tool as the design features two counteracting standing pads which move in opposite directions, redirecting vibrations downwards into the material being sanded as opposed to towards the users hands, making the process smoother and more comfortable.

The entire range of Worx power tools come with an extended warranty, covering three years. Mercer and Sons are also pleased to be able to offer bulk discounts on these products - please call for further details.

Worx is just one of the many highly-respected brands supplied by our expert architectural ironmongers direct from Blackburn, Lancashire. With nearly 200 years in business providing mortice locks, hinges, coat hooks, stainless steel door handles, power tools and much more, Mercer and Sons continue to enjoy an unmatched reputation in this market.

For more information or advice on these or any of our high-quality products, please contact a member of our dedicated customer service team on 01254 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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