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Why Mortise Locks Are Best For Your Home Security?

The security of our homes is a primary concern for all of us. We all need to be reassured that our homes and those living in it are safe especially in a world where burglary and housebreaks has become common. Each and every entrance to your house needs to be secured and a mortise lock defends your home against unauthorized entry. These locks are fitted or installed inside the door itself which makes it extremely difficult for the thieves to break in.  Most home owners opt for 5 lever mortise lock which offers that extra bit of protection to your homes.

These locks are very easy to use as you have a typical latch mechanism for a quick and easy exit in the interior and a key based lock on the outside. In these locks the dead bolt portion slides into the mortise or the chamber hole and is received by the strike plate which is inserted into the door frame which is actual point of locked engagement. Once installed these locks last for years as they resist even high levels of humidity.

Why Are These Locks So Popular?

Difficulty To Break In

This is the primary purpose for choosing a lock and a mortise lock is very difficult to break even for a seasoned burglar. The locks are cut into the door’s edge and only the faceplate is visible when your door is ajar. These locks come along with different notches and levers which makes it difficult to pick for the burglar. They are made of high grade steel that withstand brutal force. To enhance the security in your house it is advisable that you for a 5 lever mortise lock.

Dual Locking

A mortise lock can be locked both from the inside and outside making if the perfect locking solution for every home. You can lock the door behind you and your family member inside can open it when needed. Thus you can leave the home when needed without having to disturb any of your family members. Traditional latch based lock were inconvenient as they could either be locked from inside or outside.

Passage Function

This means that you don’t need a key to lock as the room and the door can be opened and closed all the time using the mortise knob which prevent accidental locking and offer easy access to your family members. These kinds of locks are ideal for doors inside your house especially in the rooms where there are children and old people. 

Adds To The Aesthetic 

There are a variety of mortise locks available in the market to suit all kinds of doors. This adds to the aesthetics of the door and the house. They bring in old antique charm to your homes and are great examples of craftsmanship.

When it comes to buying a 5 lever mortise lock or other locking solutions you need to shop them from a reputed online store. Internet offers you the perfect platform to shop for these locks thanks to the wide variety of products and attractive offers available.

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