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What to Look for in Bathroom Door Furniture?

The bathroom, it used to be a mundane place where you would go to wash and releive yourself and maybe read a book. Now it has become one of the rooms in our home which is a style statement and Mercer and Sons Ltd explain to our customers what to look for in bathroom door furniture?

As times have changed now the bathroom is a style statement within our homes there has been a number of bathroom door furniture ranges which have appeared on the market from the traditional architectural ironmongery to the slightly more contemporary and modern. With so much choice out there in the current market how do you know which bathroom door furniture to choose?

What you need to do is work out a few things which will then aid you in your decision making of which style of bathroom door furniture to choose:

Size of the Bathroom

The bathroom size needs to be taken into consideration because items which would look brilliant in a large size bathroom may look oversized and clumpy in a bathroom which is much smaller in size. On the other hand smaller sized bathroom door furniture may look great in a small sized bathroom but in a much larger one it may simply be washed out and not make that bold and striking style statement as was hoped.

Type of Bathroom Door Furniture

Next you need to ask yourself what is it that you actually want as part of your door furniture. You will need door handles and Mercer and Sons Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of the well-known Karcher Door Handles which are renowned for their quality.

Will there need to be a lock on the bathroom door as many people do have a lock for privacy reasons and obviously to stop those embarrassing encounters of walking in on someone relieving themselves or in the shower or bath. Before going to a supplier of bathroom door furniture you need to identify exactly what it is you want otherwise some places may try and sell items which are not really necessary.

Durability of the Bathroom Door Furniture

Perhaps one of the most important points is to ask yourself about the bathroom door furniture you are going to purchase. Is it durable and will it last? You need to bear in mind that the bathroom door furniture isn’t like any other door furniture say on your bedroom door or lounge door; it is going to be constantly exposed to hot and cold water just because of the environment it is in.

When considering what bathroom door furniture to choose you should ensure it can withstand this environment because you don’t want the hassle of having to change your bathroom door furniture say every year or every couple of years. Think of it as an investment when purchasing and do not just go for the cheapest option because long term this could prove to be more expensive.

Mercer and Sons Ltd have been supplying door furniture and architectural ironmongery since 1840 and we have an expert team who are on hand to help you with every aspect of selecting your bathroom door furniture as well as getting together everything you need so that you won’t have to stop half way through applying your door furniture because of a missing part.

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