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We Are Being Social!

Social networks are a major part of online marketing and advertising at the moment. They have increased in popularity from when they first began and Mercer and Sons Ltd wanted to be a part of these and to try and get social. Why not Like Us on Facebook or Follow Us on Twitter?

We regularly update our Twitter to include a wide range of topics and interests. Our aim is going to be to try and build a friendly relationship with our customers and to try and get almost like a miniature community going on there. Customers can come together through our Facebook and Twitter in order to discuss products and services which we offer and their experiences with them.

In addition to discussions such as these we also want customers to be able share photos of products such as say a Karcher door handle in their home or even share helpful hints and tips on fitting and using a certain product.

Neal is our resident Tweeter from Mercers and although he has not long been involved with Twitter all that long he is already doing really well! Why not send Neal a Tweet using @mercersons and have Neal reply to you.  Whether it’s just to say Hello or to ask a question regarding a product or service why not go through our socials?

For more information then please 01254 269407 or email info@­mercersons.­co.­uk.

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