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Waterproofing Membranes

The expense of relocating home for many families is frankly not an choice that they can afford and therefore rather than relocate they choose to improve. One of the perfect ways in which they can improve their houses and increase more space is through basement conversion using membrane.

This is the most recent and most advanced damp proofing system available on the market presently and because it is so simple to implement it seems to be the popular choice for many basement renovation contractors and Twistfix supply a number of these.

basement renovation can take on any form from bedrooms, lounges, play rooms to the considerably more adventurous of full family entertainment rooms with movie theatres and even to include swimming pools. In the majority of cases there is no need to even apply for preparation permission although there are certain exceptions to this including listed buildings.

Waterproofing membranes as they are sometimes called within the basement renovation industry provide an air gap between the membrane and the wall which allows forcondensation to pass behind it.

The Waterproofing membranes  is then mechanically fixed to the original sound wall and then overlaid with batterns or other framing systems to which then plasterboard can be fixed ready for cellar finishing. Damp membranes are chosen specially dependent on the finish which is required and also the anticipated flow rate.

When the British Standard for the damp proofing of structures  under ground, BS 8102:2009 came in then the use of cavity drain membranes has become the most prevalent form of structural waterproofing within the United Kingdom and are able to deal with a number of hostile ground water conditions if specified properly.

When the damp proofing membrane is secured using membrane plugs and damp proof plug seals then there is no chance, if fitted correctly that the basement renovation will flood or have any damp problems.

Twistfix will supply the Damp membranes for small or large scale projects. If you require help and guidance in selecting which membrane will besuitable for your project then call our professional sales team who have had many years’ experience within the construction industry.

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For more information then please contact us today on 0845 1236007 or email sales@­twistfix.­co.­uk.

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