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Wait Till You See What WE'VE Just Got In Stock...!

Wait Till You See What WE'VE Just Got In Stock...!It’s always an exciting time when we get a brand new product in stock, especially when it is manufactured by the world-renowned Festool Power Tools. This time has been no exception and we are proud to announce that the Festool OF 1400 EBQ-Plus GB Router is now available and ready to purchase - it could be in your possession tomorrow!

This ex-stock model is designed for heavy duty work but this belies its capacity for gentle, accurate precision. As soon as we opened the package, we could tell it was going to be something special - even just reading the tech-sheet had the entire Mercer & Sons team exclaiming with delight. Here are some of the details from that very sheet…

  • The router is designed for smooth, accurate and reliable rounding, rebating, chamfering & profiling edges

  • A routing-aid allows draft excluders, espagnolettes and Schallex to be fitted

  • Cut-outs and circles are made simple with a versatile multi-routing template

  • An innovative guide system to allow the recessing of dovetail batons or the grooving of rear panels

  • Full accessory pack included - see below for more details!

So, by now you probably have an idea of how excited our team were! Here, at last, is a tool that will immediately, reliably and perfectly fill all of your routing requirements. And, with a name like Festool on it, you know that you are guaranteed a long service life and very little maintenance. The accessory pack, supplied with the Festool router, contains:

  • Clamping collets of various sizes for complete security while working

  • Side stop with included ‘fine’ setting

  • A copying ring - get it exact time after time

  • Extraction hood - covering up the bad stuff!

  • Operation tool - a necessary implement

  • Chip deflector - safe and secure

  • All supplied in a tough, convenient and easy-to-handle SYSTAINER SYS-4 T-LOC!

As with every product sold by Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire, you’re guaranteed a good deal and the Festool EBQ-Plus Router can be yours for just £360 exc. VAT. Next-day delivery is available so why not order NOW and have it TOMORROW?!

To get the lowdown on the Festool EBQ-PLUS Router, now available from Mercer’s, just click here to go the product page but once you see the pictures of it you're going to fall in love - don’t say that we didn’t warn you…!

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