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Upgrading our Service to You - The New Mercer & Sons Website Coming Soon

As part of the Mercer & Sons commitment to ensuring the very highest level of service to our customers, we have invested in a full upgrade of our website. Working in close partnership with our web design company, we have created an entirely new online presence that will bring a sleek, contemporary experience to our customers when accessing the brand new site.

The use of smartphones and tablets to access the internet has grown at an exponential rate since their introduction; such devices now outnumber human beings. In recognition of this, our new website is fully responsive, meaning that it will immediately adapt to the optimal display for the device it is accessed from. This means an end to the frustrating panning, scrolling, zooming and accidental clicking of links experienced when accessing the standard desktop site from an internet-capable mobile device, something which our customers are increasingly likely to do. With fast response times and optimised data-transfer levels, the new site will function perfectly with any mobile device.

Our extensive range of products will now be easier to locate than ever before, with handy sections and search methods. Simply hovering the cursor over a section will reveal its relevant subsections, without disappearing if the cursor is moved; this problem was cited in the top five 'most annoying' website problems in a recent survey.

When browsing online for products, customers state that 'clear, high-definition product photographs' are an 'extremely important' factor in a purchasing decision. Our new website is optimised for HD and Retina displays to allow our customers to see in detail what they may potentially purchase.

The new Mercer & Sons website will be launching soon; please subscribe to our newsletter for updates!

Call our team on 01254 269407 or e-mail us at sales@mercer-sons.co.uk for more information on our new website or product range.

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