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The Priceless Gift of Independence — Find Out How To Give It

Older people and disabled adults benefit greatly both psychologically and physically from being facilitated to remain living as independently as they can in their own homes - this is a proven fact. There are many products available on the market to assist with such care plans and the Supra Keysafe is definitely one of the best. The Edinburgh branch of the Care & Repair Charity has now appointed a dedicated keysafe fitter, Mr Andrew Finlayson, who personally installs the award-winning device to any Care & Repair Edinburgh client that requires one. So, what are the benefits?

Care & Repair is a nationwide charity that provides a range of helpful services to needy people. These services are all volunteer-provided and can include all sorts of small DIY jobs and repairs as well as larger domestic improvements and coming-home-from-hospital adaptations. All of the work is arranged via the charity’s carefully-monitored trades list of competent, reliable and trusted professional volunteers.

The Edinburgh branch of the charitable organisation recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, ramping up its current already-busy activity level rather than seeing the milestone as a tempting chance to rest and reflect on past glories. Adding a new gas services contractor along with safe-fitter Andrew form just part of this increased activity, which has been welcomed by the local community. It is such a simple change - adding what is simply a lockable box to the outside of a home can have completely life--changing and, indeed, life-enhancing, results.

Graham Harper is the CEO of Care & Repair Edinburgh and, commenting on Andrew Finlayson’;s appointment to the role, said: “Having a police approved standard key safe installed assists vulnerable people knowing that carers and loved ones have access to the front door key. It reduces the need to keep answering the front door and provides quick entry to the house in any emergency such as a fall or non-response. It also helps by reducing the number of keys and keyholders so improves security”. He added that the charity was “working closely with NHS Lothian and the City of Edinburgh Council to assist with hospital discharges - installation of a key safe can play an important part in enabling someone to get home.”

To discover the many features of the Supra C500 Keysafe and to find out what it is about the product that has gained it police approval, check out the specifications list on the product page. Got more questions?  Contact our skilled customer service team now!

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