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The Perfect Finishing Touch - Karcher Design Bell Pushes

We have recently featured several articles relating to door furniture manufactured by Karcher Design and supplied by Mercer and Sons Architectural Ironmongery direct to our customers. The Karcher Design selection of stainless steel door handles, door knobs and latches is perfectly complemented by a new product we have available; Karcher Design bell pushes.

An attractive, stylish door with modern fittings such as Karcher door handles can easily have its carefully-composed aesthetic ruined by a doorbell button that is not complementary. Many doorbells have a cheap-looking, plastic construction that is, put simply, an eyesore. Replacing this with an attractive stainless steel bell push that is designed to perfectly complement the entire Karcher Design range can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of an entrance, giving it an understated yet elegant appeal.

Choosing a stainless steel bell push does not only have aesthetic benefits. Stainless steel is a metal that, since its invention 100 years ago, has been continuously relied upon for a multitude of applications thanks to its high resistance to corrosion and damage. A bell push can quickly begin to look worn, particularly when on a building that is used to a large extent such as a public or commercial premises. Stainless steel easily withstands these pressures and will continue to look as good as new for many years with very little maintenance.

Available in a square or circular shape, Karcher Design Bell Pushes are manufactured to the same impeccable standards as the entire Karcher Design selection of door furniture. Coupled with the Mercer and Sons dedication to providing the highest levels of customer service, these standards make us the natural choice for providing this superior range.

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