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Teng is in Town...

With many aspects of life, getting things right and being successful comes down to focusing on the details, those tiny yet all-important things that make it just so. The same is true when it comes to power tools - choosing only those with a proven reputation for quality is what’s going to make sure the job gets done, gets done right and gets done first time. With this in mind, allow us to introduce a range of power tools that combine the elegant and complex functional beauty of Swedish design with the unmatched reliability and capability of Taiwanese production - TENG.

We are recognised distributors of Teng power tools and form part of a select network around the world chosen by the renowned company for their dedication to the various industries. Globally, Teng distribute their products to more than 30 countries, bringing a level of power, strength and pinpoint accuracy unmatched in many other tools. The brand has been established for more than 25 years and remains true to its original stated belief that “beauty lives in the details”, attracting the label ‘Typically Teng’ to its very finest examples of work.

A rigorous set of standards is adhered to in the manufacture of Teng tools, ensuring that operators can use the products with supreme confidence in their innate qualities. Productivity is dramatically improved as an increased level of efficiency is brought to the workshop, enhanced by Teng’s continuing dedication to listening to and responding to reviews and feedback from the most important group of people - the customers. Their products have been used everywhere from major industry to professional sports car racing and we are proud to number among their official distributor network.

Put simply, Teng provide a working experience that is simpler yet more powerful, efficient yet cost-effective and accurate yet extremely heavy-duty. Starting a good job with bad tools is bound to fail and yet is something done by so many people that the warning against it has even entered our language as a proverb. Don’t fall victim to that old adage - choose Teng tools from Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire to make sure you are professional and not proverbial!

Want to know more about Teng Tools and how they could revolutionise your work? Call our team today.

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