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Stick to Maximum Torque from Everbuild!

This is the ultimate high grab strength adhesive which as a new product is really sticking to the building trade and not letting go if you pardon the pun!

Creating a storm within the building trade, Maximum Torque is based on next generation hybrid polymer technology. This exciting step into the future means that this particular adhesive has the ability of providing immediate grab strength which wasn’t previously possible with any cartridge packed adhesives.

There is no need for any temporary support in the majority of applications and so drafting in the wife and kids to help hold things in place is now a thing of the past! The unique polymer blend which is used gives amazing initial grab and is around double the grab of adhesives on the market today.

Using this fantastic adhesive you have the power within your hands to bond basically everything to anything! This can be done in virtually all conditions, where other adhesives promise to replace nails and screws Maximum Torque can promise to replace even Nuts and Bolts.

Don’t just take our word for it though take a look at it for yourself when compared with some other popular brands, watch this video from Everbuild and see how it holds a common household brick in place.

How will the other adhesives fair against Maximum Torque?



Mercers now stock Maximum Torque Adhesive, in white at 300ml. Have someone call you in regards to Maximum Torque Adhesive or for any other queries call us on 01254 269400 or email sales@mercer-sons.co.uk.  

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