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Steel Cutting at Mercers!

Did you know that Mercer and Sons actually has a large trade centre on Pump Street, Blackburn where we have steel cutting facilities available?

Mercers have recently been cutting large quantities of beams and girders for various industries, builders and other construction trades. These are large scale projects but in addition to these we are quite happy to cut load bearing lintels for the DIY-er and other smaller items.

Some of our beams are 40’ in length and we can cut these down to any size, our cutting service is supplied all at extremely reasonable rates. Whether it is large sized steel or small sized steel, heavy steel or lighter steel we are able to cut it with ease.

Recently our highly experienced steel fabricators have had as many as 200 cuts on a single job.  Steel is one of the most widely used metals within our society today! As mentioned many different industries use steel and therefore there are requirements for all different sizes and shapes.

Mercer and Sons can meet every single one of these shapes, sizes and requirements. If you need your steel cutting then make sure you come to us for a high quality service at a reasonable rate.

Our experienced steel cutters are ready and waiting! Together with you they will work out exactly what it is you want and work out the best solution for cutting so that little steel is wasted and thus it will be cost effective.

For more information then please contact Mercer and Sons directly on 01254 269400 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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