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Spring Comes Early to Community Garden

Although we are still in the middle of January, the north west has experienced several warm and sunny days recently which have led to the emergence of several spring flowers. Some of these early arrivals are in Beverly Gardens in Meadowhead, Lancashire, an area created by local pensioner Grant Morrison with help from local tradesmen and businesses including Mercer & Sons.

Grant Morrison, a long-time resident of the area, was annoyed at the state that Beverly Gardens had been allowed to degenerate into; once a pleasant area, the gardens had become severely overgrown with weeds and had been used as a dumping ground. The local council, when approached by Mr Morrison, stated that it did not have the financial resources to clean up the area and so he decided to organise it himself.

Mr Morrison began a campaign which was quickly joined by local residents who, between them, managed to completely clear the site, filling more than 80 binbags with rubbish in the process. Using recycled materials, a number of bird boxes were built and installed, attracting wildlife to the area and increasing its natural beauty. Darwen Borough Council were impressed with Mr Morrison’s efforts and he was awarded a grant of £100 to spend on further improvements.

The next stage was to create seating that would encourage visitors to spend more time in the park. Mr Morrison sourced an old steel seat which was then covered with protective, aesthetically-pleasing silver paint donated by a local Cash & Carry store. Mercer & Sons donated several pieces of quality steel which would form the legs of the bench; Steve Cannon, a local welder, expertly created the final bench from these disparate parts.

Since the park was officially opened in July 2013, it has been continually improved and is now a haven for residents and visitors. With the help of pupils from schools in the local area, Mr Morrison organised the planting of lots of bulbs, which are now beginning to make the garden even more beautiful and inviting as they come into flower.

When asked to comment on his fantastic achievement, Mr Morrison said, “I’m glad that I found something to do that gave something back to the community.. the area had a lack of green spaces for residents so I hope that it will become a little oasis to enjoy."

Mercer & Sons are extremely proud to have been involved in this amazing community project and look forward to hearing more about the ongoing improvements.

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