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So who DID Put the Jack in Jackloc?!


One of our signature products here at Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Blackburn is the Jackloc, a versatile door and window restrictor that is designed to dramatically improve safety levels. Many children are injured or even killed every year falling from open windows and, since the invention and growing popularity of the Jackloc, this number is steadily falling. Used all over the world and in major hotels, the jackloc is a familiar sight but where did its name come from?

This is a question that we are often asked at Mercer’s by the diverse range of customers who benefit from it. “Who put the Jack in Jackloc” is how it’s often phrased and the answer is that Jack is a real person - Jack Allbutt, the grandson of inventor Derek Horne. Around 14 years ago, when Jack was just three, Derek entered a room that Jack was playing in. Derek suddenly noticed that a window was wide open and, with the room being on an upper storey, was frightened and worries at what the consequences could have been had he been just a few moments later.

Derek was sufficiently moved by the event to research the statistics on children being injured due to falls from open windows and was shocked and appalled by what he discovered. He immediately decided to create a high-quality, low-cost product that would achieve mass market penetration and, true to his word, invented, produced and delivered the Jackloc.

Jack himself has done work experience at the now-global company and said that he really enjoyed his time there. He also said that he felt ‘very honoured’ to have his doting grandfather name the product after him and had gained invaluable experience during his work placement. “I was able to see for myself all the hard work which goes into running a business and the vital part each person plays,” he concluded.

One of the Jackloc’s most useful aspects, and one that has allowed it to become the market leader in window and door restrictors, is its versatility - it can be affixed to almost any style, type and material of door or window. Always available at a cost-effective and realistic price from Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire, the Jackloc is literally a lifesaver.

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