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Security Ironmongery Products

There are a number of reasons why people use architectural ironmongery within their homes, workplaces and other buildings. One of the main reasons is for protection and security purposes and to protect yourself and your property from fire damage and intruders.

Mercer and Sons Ltd have the largest selection of ironmongery products within the UK and thus we are able to offer customers products to:

  • Protect your home from intruders
  • Protect your home from fire

How to protect your property from intruders?

Security ironmongery products help to slow down intruders and prevent them from easily entering your property. It buys time for the relevant authorities to be notified and for them to be captured which in turn decreases the amount of property stolen from you.

One of the most effective ways in order to assess your property’s security is to put yourself into the shoes of a burglar or intruder and inspect your property just as they would before a robbery. If you had forgotten your keys to your home or lost them could you get inside?

If the answer is yes then you need to seriously consider how you can make your property safer! The obvious addition would be to add a burglar alarm which should put them off and act as a deterrent. It may encourage thieves to leave without exploring your home; in addition to the burglar alarm though you can also install door and window detectors to all exterior doors along with the popular Jackloc window locks which restrict entry and increase security.

The best way though is to make it difficult for a burglar to explore your property and so ensure there are locks in place and that when you leave your property any gates, windows and doors are always locked securely.  A common sense thing to do is also to ensure that within your property there are no valuables on show which would seriously attract any burglar.

How to protect your property from fire?

Fire protection ironmongery products are put in place in order to minimise the devastation left behind in a property following a fire. The biggest cost which a fire causes is to life; in the UK in 2010-2011 there was around 388 fire related deaths in Britain and so the importance of taking appropriate precautions is highlighted.

The obvious precaution is to fit a fire alarm but this has to be tested regularly. It is one thing to fit one within your property but it’s about as much use as not having one there at all if it doesn’t work!

Fire doors can help to prevent the spread of a fire and buy valuable amounts of time for those within to either escape or be rescued and these are rated according to the amount of time they can withstand the smoke and flame:

FD30 will give you 30 minutes protection

FD60 will give you 60 minutes protection

FD90 will give you 90 minutes protection

FD120 will give you 120 minutes protection

Door closers are used to ensure that fire doors remain closed so that in the event of a fire they provide maximum protection. Intumescent, fire and smoke seals are also a fantastic product available from us which in the event of a fire the heat will cause them to actually expand and then they will block fire, smoke and flames from coming through the gaps in a door and doorset.

For ironmongery protection products then come to the experts call us today on 01254 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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