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Scheduling Services at Mercer and Sons Ltd

Scheduling is the term used to describe the process of making a list of all the items of hardware which are required for a project. It is important that people schedule because it ensures that all forms of regulations and guidelines are met.

Scheduling can prove to be extremely beneficial, not only is it cost effective but it can also make projects run on time and be more organised.

Mercer and Sons Ltd will produce a schedule for our customers free of charge. We will sit down with our customers and listen to their individual project requirements.

Electronic plans are becoming more and more popular and we are even happy to work from these in order to list every bit of hardware that you need for the project. Working closely in this way with our customers allows us to form a strong relationship which is based on our strong customer service, friendly team and expertise within this particular industry.

Once you have worked with Mercers on one project we hope that you will be that impressed by our high quality and extremely professional service that you will continue to work with us in regard to your future projects.

If you are for instance fitting a new door with architectural ironmongery then we can specify which hardware you need such as, Door closers, Lock cylinders, Door handles from names such as Karcher door handles, Latches and other door furniture.

For more information about our scheduling then please contact us on 01254 269400 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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