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Rejuvenate Your Entire Home in MINUTES With Excel...

Door handles

When was the last time you looked at your house? That might seem like a silly question but we mean REALLY looked at it - tried to see it through the objective eyes of a stranger? After carrying out this experiment, it’s surprising how many people notice that their property is looking tired for some reason that they can’t quite put their finger on. If you get a similar result, then we might just have the answer for you…

We have found that the cause of tired-looking homes often comes down to a single issue - the doors. Almost unthinkingly, we subject our doors to the most terrible time; they are wedged rudely open, knocked closed with feet, stretched too far and generally neglected. The same goes for the actual door furniture itself - when was the last time you treated any of YOUR door handles to a little squirt of much-needed oil or given them the Brasso treatment?

A door is only as good as its components and it is a shame to see so many lovely, sturdy examples looking shabby (and not even shabby-chic) due to old, worn and/or neglected door furniture. Give your home a spruce up and shine - add some door furniture from Excel Architectural Hardware, safe in the knowledge that you are receiving all the benefits of that company’s successfully-applied vision - to bring excellence and innovation to the architectural hardware market.

The range of door furniture centres on Excel’s door handles, which are designed by top-end manufacturers and manufactures according to the strictest quality regulations. We stock a wide range of products and can source any other thanks to our close relationship with the company. Two of our favourite designs, each of which stands apart for its aesthetic qualities, are:

  • ULTIMO - judging by the name they have chosen to give it, a clear play on the word ‘ultimate’, this is one of Excel’s favourite designs too. There is something that just looks and feels ‘right’ about the piece - it is somehow organic despite it’s square, sharply delineated rose

  • ARC - equally beautiful but for completely different reasons is ARC, which gains its aesthetic certitude through a line curvature that is nothing short of sublime. Grasping the cool metal in your hand, you become aware of just how much time, energy, effort and expense has gone into designing this blatantly-simple yet infinitely-complex component - surely the designers must have tried a thousand iterations of that curve, optimising it by the most miniscule degrees, to get it this perfect?

There is much more to discover from this supplier, with whom we are proud to work in partnership. Excel - it’s short for excellent.

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