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Nail Guns Without the Pneumatic Air Line!

For those of you who think you haven’t read that properly then read it again!

Mercer and Sons has now in stock the Senco Fusion Senco Nail Guns which do not have a pneumatic air line or canister which makes them extremely cost effective.


Usually the canister has to be rebought when it is empty for the nail gun to operate once more however, this can be costly and with this new technology there is no need to do this making it considerably cheaper.

A fantastic technology the Senco Nail Gun works by using compressed air which is permanently sealed into the tool’s self-contained and built in cylinder. It is this compressed air which then unleashes a shot of pneumatic power every time the trigger of the nail gun is pulled.

As mentioned this fantastic technology means there is no need for any costly gas fuel cells and no smell from the exhaust. The nail guns require no cleaning or servicing costs and no power is lost! They are just as fast as a pneumatic nail gun; in fact they are 60% faster than typical gas nail guns. No expensive compressors, hoses or fittings!

There is no compressor, hose or fittings to purchase and around £250 can be saved per person each year on the purchase of fuel cells. In addition to this around £100 per year can be saved on servicing and cleaning and in a financially tight society every penny counts!

The Senco Nail guns will recharge in just 15 minutes so there is no time spent waiting around for it to recharge. Fully charged they will deliver 500 drives, it has a 2 year tool warranty and a 1 year battery warranty.

For more information then please contact us on 01242 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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