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Let the sun shine in with a Jackloc

NOW - IF That is IF the Weather warms up then you need a JACKLOC to let the air in and keep intruders out

Order NOW for the 'coming' Summer- possibly

Don't forget these other great uses: 

We recently wrote an article regarding our Jackloc Universal Door Restrictors which were ideal for use in schools, hospitals and hotels. However, recently people have found a new use for Jacklocs and this is to keep their dogs and cats or even other pets indoors whilst enabling the window to be open. Clever cats can also use it like a pet door if they are slim enough. One customer set it so the cat could get out but the dog couldn't chase after it!

Yes that is right! We have had a number of customers come to Mercer and Sons Ltd for the Jackloc Universal Door restrictors because they wanted to be able to open their windows but didn’t want say their cat or dog escaping.

As this is a universal window and door restrictor it can be fitted onto any window or door made from any materials. Ideal for security and for safety it means that no one can get into the house and your beloved pets or even children cannot get out.

The Jackloc Universal Door Restrictor is lockable by key and comes in a standard 200mm cable length although other lengths are available and virtually any length can be made – so whether you have a fat cat or a skinny cat they can be accommodated for. We also supply these in a wide range of finishes with a number of colours to suit.

Specially designed the Jackloc Universal Door Restrictor has been designed with health and safety in mind. There have been a number of instances whereby other restrictors have failed and this has caused accidents however, this product has been tested extensively and will reduce accidents and even fatalities from occurring.

The Jackloc conforms to both British and European Standards and thus is ideal for use within your homes in order to keep your furry fuzz balls, your pets safe!

For more information then please contact us on 01254 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.



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