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Jaffa Tape!

Most commonly used as a solution to the problem of securing items on building sites in all weathers and conditions, Gaffa tape has always been the tape of choice to this very day.

Although it was the best solution at the time unfortunately under certain weather conditions Gaffa tape could fail.

Finally someone has found a new total solution to the problem of securing things on building sites and has made a product which has only just arrived on the market.

With its brilliant binding power, Jaffa tape is not only thick, strong and 100% waterproof but it also incorporates an amazing adhesive quality making it the preferred alternative.

Unlike normal Gaffa tape, when you join a tarpaulin in wet and cold conditions, you can be confident that new Jaffa Tape won’t let you down. So come Monday morning, after a particularly wet or windy weekend, you’ll be pleased to see that they’ve stayed stuck!

Jaffa Tape has a multitude of uses including waterproofing and windproofing scaffolding, windows, doors and exposed roofing – it can also be used on vertical and overhead applications due to its unique hold strength.

You can also use Jaffa Tape to temporarily hold DPM, timber, guttering, sheet material or any other building material that needs to be held in place without the need to clamp. Jaffa Tape will stick to most surfaces and substrates and can be used internally as well as externally.

So don't use Gaffa - Use Jaffa!


Mercers have Jaffa Tape in stock now and at a great price so what are you waiting for? Order online or for more information call 01254 269400 or email sales@mercer-sons.co.uk


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