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Jackloc — From Local to Global

Imagine walking into an upstairs room and seeing your grandchild playing unconcernedly, mere inches away from a wide open window. The instant sense of shock and fear you just imagined was very real for Derek Horne, who experienced exactly that scenario more than 14 years ago. Derek’s grandchild, Jack, was just three years old at the time and Derek’s nagging worry that the situation could have ended up very differently had he come into the room just a minute too late drove him to create the Jackloc - the product’s high levels of innovation and efficiency teamed with cost-effectiveness and flexibility/­ease of use guaranteed its instant success, which has been replicated on a global scale.

From its humble independent--inventor beginnings, the Leicestershire company has grown into a worldwide phenomenon though, despite a barrage of other changes to optimise and diversify the core product, has remained a fully family-run company. As the law about providing window and door restrictors has become more robust, the Jackloc has become the industry standard, allowing businesses and organisations to meet their health & safety organisations without incurring prohibitive costs. One of the most recent countries to introduce improved safety standards is the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) have imposed the new standards following a ruling by the UAE’s Department of Municipal Affairs which ordered all windows and sundry openings in high-rise residential buildings be properly restricted. The ruling was prompted by a shockingly-high number of child injuries and deaths caused from falling through open doors and windows.

Burjeel Hospital in Abu Dhabi, is the first new private tertiary healthcare facility to open following the official change in safety standards. With an impressive 7-star rating, the hospital immediately became the leading healthcare provider in the area, in the process becoming a flagship for other facilities to emulate. Choosing Jackloc to provide more than 300 restrictors to the new development further enhances the impressive reputation of both organisations, marking them out as leading lights in their respective fields.

Before any work on installing the Jacklocs began, the product had to pass a series of gruelling tests conducted by the Abu Dhabi Quality and Conformity Council to ensure global standards are upheld. It is fair to say that, if the Jackloc had hands, it could have passed every test and more with them tied firmly behind its back! The UAE becomes the latest in a long list of countries showing demand for the innovative window and door restrictors - travel to such far-flung destinations as Australia, Mexico, South Africa or Malaysia before coming back to good old Blighty and you still won't ever have been very far from a Jackloc!

Be safe, be legal, be confident - choose Jackloc.

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