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Importance of Architectural Ironmongery

Many customers now want to get their ironmongery direct in a quick and easy manner. They are choosing to order online which is why Mercer and Sons have one of the largest selections of architectural ironmongery products available from some of the leading brand names.

Think about where you are sat right now; look around you and there will in most cases be some form of ironmongery nearby. They are used in schools, hospitals, workplaces, factories and houses amongst a vast amount of other places. Architectural ironmongery contributes to the easiness of how people live and can be used to provide safety and to protect your property.

What is ironmongery?

This refers to the products made from iron, although the term is appiled to the increasingly popular stainless steel or even brass which can be found as mentioned in a wide range of applications but it includes items such as door handles, door knobs, kitchen cupboard knobs, rails, hinges, door closers and even items such as screws.

How is ironmongery used for security equipment?

Ironmongery plays a vital role within securing many properties, structures and buildings by providing us with vital equipment like security door knobs, door chains, door viewers as well as locks. It plays a vital role within keeping us and our belongings safe and secured.

What are the Benefits of using Ironmongery?

In a recent survey it was found that homes which had architectural ironmongery incorporated in them would have a greater value compared to those that didn’t have any present. It increases the value of the property and so by adding a few ironmongery products to your home not only does it add those finishing touches to your home but it also adds value.

Some ironmongery products can be extremely striking in their design and thus they can attract a lot of attention from visitors who visit a place where they are implemented.

Ironmongery is always going to play a huge part within our lives and it is going to continue to grow as advancements are made within building design and construction. With this in mind it is important that you have a reliable supplier should you need ironmongery.

Mercer and Sons Ltd were established in 1840 and have been supplying architectural ironmongery from then right up until now.

For more information then please contact us on 01254 269400 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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