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How Did the Jackloc Get its Name?

The Jackloc window and door restrictor is used all over the world yet few people know how it got its distinctive name. Here we clear up the mystery!

The Jackloc was invented more than 13 years ago by Derek Horne. A doting grandfather, Derek was shocked and frightened when he saw his grandson, then three years old, playing near an open window on the second storey of a property. The potential consequences had Derek not had a watchful eye on his grandson were made patently clear, inspiring Derek to create a quality, cost-efficient product that would prevent windows from being opened any further than a specified safe degree.

The grandson in question was Jack Allbutt, from where the name ‘Jackloc’ is derived. Jack is now 16 years old and has recently completed a fortnight’s work placement in the business which was named in his honour. Jack said: “I have really enjoyed my time at Jackloc.. I have always felt very honoured that my Grandad named the product after me.” In his time with the family business, Jack has gained valuable practical experience and been able to see for himself “all of the hard work which goes into running the business and the vital part each person plays.”

Wherever you go in the world, you will never be very far from a Jackloc. Specified as the window and door restrictor of choice to fulfil legal requirements in hotels - from Travelodge to Thistle - and care homes all over the world, as well as in numerous private residences and buildings, schools, hospitals and universities.

  • Jackloc conforms rigidly to all relevant national and international quality, health and safety standards

  • Can be fitted to any size and style of door or window material

  • Keyless model available where potential theft is an issue

  • Comprehensive choice of aesthetic colours and finishes designed to suit any environment

  • Available from Mercer & Sons at an extremely competitive price - we will match or beat any other genuine offer

Don't take chances with open doors and window - install a Jackloc today!

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