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Hoppe Aluminium SAA Furniture

Hoppe Aluminium SAA Door Furniture from Mercer and Sons Blackburn Lancashire

HOPPE aluminium levers and pull handles are produced using high quality, corrosion resistant alloys. The surface finish of HOPPE aluminium products is achieved by anodising, which gives certain protection against atmospheric corrosion, perspiration from hands, and light scratching.

 Mercers Architectural Ironmongers of Blackburn Lancashire can suppy the full Hoppe Architectural Ironmongery Range to any address in the United Kingdom.

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AR200S­/10-SP-SAA Paris Door Handles Sprung Lever on Rose - 267020

AR200S­/10-SP-SAA Paris Sprung Lever on Rose
  • £10.40

AR200S­/11-SP-SAA Paris Door Handles Sprung Plate Furniture - 267022

AR200S­/11-SP-SAA Paris Sprung Long Plate Furniture
  • £14.20

AR200S­/12-SP-SAA Paris Door handles Sprung LOCK Furniture 57mm Centres - 267024

AR200S­/12-SP-SAA Paris Sprung Lock Furniture 57mm Centres
  • £14.20

AR200S­/14-SP-SAA Paris Door handles Sprung OVAL Profile Lock Furniture 48.5mm Centres - 267026

AR200S­/14-SP-SAA Paris Sprung Oval Profile Lock Furniture 48.5mm Centres
  • £14.20

AR200S­/13-SP-SAA Paris Door handles Sprung EURO Profile Lock Furniture 47.6mm Centres - 267085

AR200S­/13-SP-SAA Paris Sprung Euro Profile Lock Furniture 47.6mm Centres
  • £14.20
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