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Get The Right Door Locks

Are the door locks in your house British ‘safety-standard’ Locks? a 5 lever mortice lock that conforms to BS3621, or a cylinder rim Mortice deadlock?” this  is a very common question that is asked on home insurance applications.

Most Homeowners dont know what Door Locks they currently have

As it turns out most home owners have no idea and may have told the insurer the wrong type of lock, this is not surprising, especially since a household owner would often need to take the actual lock out of the door to find out if it is the correct locking mechanism. If you have made a mistake when identifying your locks and the insurance company looks into the matter and it is subsequently found that your locks do not match what you described on your insurance policy, your insurer may be inclined to reduce or refuse any payout of a claim.

However, not to worry some insurers will also take into consideration if the type of door lock would have to be relevant to the specific Break in. i.e. if a property was broken into and the thieves gained access by breaking down the front door, a wooden door frame could have been broken by the force used, regardless of the doors lock.

Dont take the Risk

For most home owners, this is defiantly not a risk worth taking. At Mercers we recommend that if you are not sure which door locks you currently have in your home you do some investigation and find out if you are using the correct locks.  Our helpful staff can help answer your questions about whether your lock is legit and your home is safe.  We carry a number of different door locks from sash locks to mortice deadlocks to the very popular 5 lever mortice lock 

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