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Get A Police Approved C500 Supra Keysafe

Who said that you cannot leave a spare door key outside your house?

Now we are not talking about leaving one under those plant pots which you have carefully positioned or even underneath the door mat. What we are talking about is leaving your spare keys in a police approved C500 Supra Keysafe.

Leaving a key with your neighbours is one thing, but you have to trust them and be able to rely on the fact that they will be there when you need the spare key. So really how can you leave your spare door key outside your house?

You can do this by fitting the C500 Supra Keysafe which is the only Keysafe to meet the demanding British Loss Prevention Standard LPS 1175. This standard is the same standard that all front doors, locks and other security devices have to meet. Further to this the C500 Supra Keysafe has achieved full official UK police approval secured by Design Scheme.

What is a Keysafe?

This is a small metal box which you can fit to the wall outside your house, preferably within a discreet location. It has a coded lock which requires an individual to type in a code before it will open and reveal the spare key inside. Once the code has been used, it can be changed quickly to allow additional security.

There is no need for batteries or wires as the C500 Supra Keysafe is completely mechanical. When you go to purchase a Keysafe there will be a number of products on the market and yes some will be cheaper in price however the C500 Supra Keysafe is the only one to carry the black and white seal of the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

Since 1995 a total of 1.6million Keysafes have been successfully used by councils, housing associations and home care services within the UK. The majority of Keysafes are installed for older, disabled people or for those where access to their home may well be the difference between life and death.

Although neighbours of an elderly or disabled person can raise an alarm if they are concerned it is often difficult for neighbours, family, carers or even emergency services to get into the property without causing damage.

When someone is in a life and death position gaining access is vital – every second counts and therefore emergency services can get into the property immediately or any other family members, neighbours and carers.

If you want to have a reliable place to leave your spare keys then make sure you select the C500 Supra Keysafe.

Mercers sell the C500 Supra Keysafe because:

  • Solid Metal construction
  • Easy to use push button access
  • 4096 possible combination codes
  • Capable of storing 5+ keys
  • Weather cover included
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Optional alarm interface

For more information then please contact us on 01254 269400 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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