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Featured Products - The C500 Supra Keysafe

The 'Featured Products' section of our website gives access to a selection of items that are currently having an impact on the architectural ironmongery world. One of these is the C500 Supra KeySafe, among the best safes currently available in the world.

The claim of being one of the best safes available is not made lightly. After being designed with extensive end-user consultation, the C500 Supra was comprehensively tested and subsequently achieved LPS1175 Level 1 accreditation, the highest ever level that has been awarded to a key safe in the United Kingdom. This level means that the safe's security level is equivalent to a front door of a similar standard and the results have led to the product gaining police approval as part of the Secured by design initiative. As a further result of these official recognitions, the C500 has become a standard fixture in a diverse range of workplaces, homes and public buildings.

The Supra Keysafe is ideal for Holiday cottages and holiday homes.

Fabricated from HW-gauge stainless steel and featuring a protective zinc-alloy shell, the C500 benefits from additional security with its double-wall construction and stainless steel plate. The lock mechanism is designed to be extremely tough and durable, with a long-travel bolt that makes prying impossible. In addition, the handle features an integral clutch mechanism that prevents it from opening, allowing it to spin freely and harmlessly until reset by the rightful owner.  If extra security is required, an alarm sensor can also be purchased.

To guarantee full security, the C500 must be installed onto a masonry wall. In order to facilitate this process, masonry screws and a useful template are provided with the safe.

The C500 Supra Keysafe is currently available from Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery at just £49.75 (£59.70 inc. VAT). For customers wishing to buy several units, further discounts can be applied.

For more information on the C500, please contact our expert team on 01254 269407 or by email sales@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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