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Fe, Fy, Fo, FESTOOL!

Festool Power Tools

Festool Power Tools are really doing the business recently and here at Mercer & Sons we just can’t get enough! It’s almost sad to see one of the beloved machines leaving the warehouse but we know that they’re off to good homes where they will be used properly and well looked after, bringing years or happiness and satisfaction. Ok before we start trying to trace our little babies, let’s have a look at our latest addition to the Mercer & Sons portfolio..

Ok ok stand back, don’t all rush in at once…! May we proudly present to you, the Festool Router OF 1400 EBQ-Plus GB 240v, in all its technical glory? This is a truly lovely piece of equipment that is going to have you THIS close to saying ‘aww’ when you feel how responsive it is in your hands.

But now we risk getting too cute and forgetting the immense power, versatility and accuracy of the router. Here is an infinitesimally small selection of the things that you could be doing with the Festool OF Router in less than 24 hours when you choose our reliable next-day delivery option at our secure, fast online checkout.

  • Getting round those corners and awkward gaps like a pro with an absolute minimum of downtime

  • All of your chamfering and rebating work is easily handled by the tough yet compact tool and you could probably profile edges with a blindfold on (though don't take us up on that flippant challenge!

  • The routing-aid supplied allows for simple, snug fitting of espagnolettes, draught excluders and Schallex products

  • Circles and cut-outs are a breeze - just use the multi-routing template and once you start then you won't want to stop!

  • Essential grooving of rear panels is done in a flash and the once-fiddly job of recessing dovetail batons is now done before you can blink using the unique guide system

  • All the accessories to get you started immediately come in the box, which happens to be a very smart and safe SYSTAINER SYS 4 T-LOC. These include clamping collets, a side step with superfine setting, a convenient copying ring, full extraction hood, chip deflector for safety and that vital operation tool

Ok if you are even remotely like us then you will already be panting for a hands-on experience. So come and visit us if you can! If not, rest assured that it’s everything we say it is, and then some. Believe us, it isn't easy to convince our world-wise team! Need more details? We are just a phone call away.

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