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Effective, Capable, What Have These Words Got in Common?

Three-syllable words are the most satisfying to say. Try it yourself now. Let your tongue dance the LAMBADA as it ENVELOPS the SYLLABLES, UTTERING your FAVOURITE word of all... CHOCOLATE! OK, maybe that's just our favourite word. Whatever yours is, it's about to be DEFEATED by the hottest sound in the NEIGHBOURHOOD.... that made by METABO.


The foundation of the Metabo brand began in 1924 when Albrecht Schnizler and Julius Closs co-founded the Schnizler GmbH company, designing and manufacturing tools that would adequately serve the needs of a world that was becoming increasingly mechanised and engineered. Many of the tools that existed before this time were not adequate and the gap in the market for new, more efficient, tools was large. In 1927, a capable salesman named Walter Rauch joined the company, which then began to achieve great recognition. Today, descendants of all three of the original company members are still involved with the running of the company.

The Metabo SB18LTX Impulse Cordless Combi Drill is an 18v/3amp model that is effectively powered by two Li-Power Extreme batteries. These batteries are the latest 3Ah type that will provide many hours of consistent power from a single charge. The max torque of this innovative drill is a massive 44/100Nm, meaning it is suitable for almost any application, while its 12mm metal chuck features a secure ratcheting lock to provide added peace-of-mind when working. Other safety features include an ergonomically-designed rubber-coated grip, a powerful spindle lock, an electric brake and a fan-cooled motor to prevent overheating. The variation available when using this drill is extensive, with two available drill speeds and seven torque settings. The provided charger takes just thirty minutes to fully charge the unit, reducing down-time and increasing productivity. A secure carry case is also provided to protect the drill which, with its batteries, is fully covered by a three-year warranty.

A price that's EXCELLENT and PERFORMANCE at a CONSISTENT IMPRESSIVE level? METABO is the way to go.

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