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Door Handles Online — Our Special Collection

When is a door not a door? When you enhance it with a decent doorhandle! Then it becomes not simply a funcgtional door but an aesthetic delight that will please your sense for years to come. Give your doors the look with this fantastic collection, created by our most trusted partners.

Karcher Design Door Handles

This world-class German company are renowned for combining contemporary design with traditional crafting techniques and produce some of the very best door furniture available on today’s market. Favourites include:

Karcher Design Door Handles

  • Verona - A minimal design suited to a wide range of aesthetics and perfect for high-frequency usage

  • Corsica - An undulating curve provides an exciting visual combined with an exceptionally-tactile quality

  • Tokio - Pure contemporary cool is instantly achieved with this design, which features artistic drilled perforations

Carlisle Design Door Handles

A large and diverse selection of door handles online is presented by Carlisle Design, each available in a choice of metals to suit your preferred aesthetic. Choose from:

Carlisle Design Door Handles

  • Lever on Backplate - Classic, Designer and Period door handles

  • Pewter or Black - These bold door handles are designed to catch and hold the attention with their design, which is at once imposing and welcoming

  • Lever on Rose - From brass to porcelain, these door handles utilise a wide variety of materials to achieve their unique looks

Eurospec Architectural Ironmongery Door Handles Online - Designer Collection

The designer collection has been created with aesthetic luxury and exceptional function in mind. Each of these quality lever door handles is created just so, with a sharp eye kept on ergonomics to ensure a revolutionary experience. We love:

Eurospec Architectural Ironmongery

  • Xero - A wonderfully-tactile bullet shape makes this handle stand out boldly from the Designer Collection

  • Verdun - Slick and sinuous, the curvature of this door handle is a treat for both eye and hand

  • Maison - The absorbing texture of Maison, combined with its artistic appeal, make it a true favourite

These are just some of the hundreds of door handles online at Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Blackburn. Enjoy browsing the full collection!

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