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Door Handles Lancashire

If you wish to give your home a new, stylish feel, a new set of door knobs or door handles can really make your home feel fresh and brighten up the look of your home.

Door Handles are probably the last thing you would think to consider in a new interior design scheme for your house, however the right style or finish can make a huge difference in the  final look and can work with the whole space bringing together all of the  rooms in your house with very different themes.

It’s nice to have a range of different style to every room in the house, but if your door handles are a mismatch of colors and designs it can give quite a clumsy effect. As a first step to updating your decoration, it may be worth matching the door knobs or Door Handles furniture throughout the entire house to the period of the property.

If you’re living in a cottage, or old-fashioned home door latches that go with the style of your doors can really help to create that old unique charm, whereas for newer more modern apartments or houses, the latest chrome handles can give a new-age feel. If you’re living in a period property, Venetian glass handles can add glamour and will match any color scheme.

Once you’ve got the main door handles for the interior doors, it is always a great idea to make sure that you haven’t neglected your other accents like cupboards. If you match their door knobs with your overall scheme, you’ll create a unique look and feel to the house that makes it seem more put together than a random mish-mash of handles.

When it comes to the front door its worth taking your time to find a door knob that you feel reflects your personality. After all, the front of your house makes a first impression on everyone who comes to visit and you want to make sure it’s the right one so that your friends and family will enjoy visiting and may also be a bit impressed.

If you’re looking for grandeur, lion’s heads and laurel wreaths are popular designs for older properties. Many period door knobs can be found in antique shops or antique furniture stores and can give your property a one of a kind look. Just think how the one you opt for will look at Christmas with a wreath on it and you’ll know you’ve made the right choice.

For more modern houses, you might want to go for a simpler style without ornament to imply that you’re a no-nonsense, modern professional. It’s also worth looking at your name plate and letterbox to ensure that they are along the same theme as the door handle – there often overlooked and end up giving an untidy impression.

For the back door, a lower-key version of the front door knob may be an idea. A scraper for muddy boots might be a wise addition. If you live in the country, a mat is also essential to ensure that you don’t get mud trodden through the house and to protect your carpets.

Whatever style you are looking to create in your house, if you choose the right door knobs you can really help to give your property that well thought out look. They will also make sure you are not stuck with the previous home owners design and taste or poorly done do it yourself attempts that can make some doors difficult to grapple with.

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