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Disturbing Doorkey Data...

Suprs 500Under the doormat? On a string hung inside the letterbox? Beneath a flowerpot or bin? If you or someone you care for leaves a key in any of these places, then the property the key belongs to is at risk: these are the most common hiding spots and the first to be checked by would-be intruders. If you want to stop burglars from breaking your windows or locks to gain access your house then you can just leave them a key!

A detailed study carried out earlier this year by insurance giant LV (Liverpool Victoria) offered a revealing yet disturbing insight as to how 2,000+ people manage their keys in the UK. Findings included:

  • 6,000+ burglaries in 2014 were carried out using the victim’s own key

  • One in four respondents said they had ‘no problem’ with leaving a key concealed outdoors if it were necessary

  • 29% of householders admitted to occasionally or regularly leaving a key hidden near the property it unlocked

  • The main reasons given for leaving keys outside were allowing family/friends access to the property during the owner’s absence and as an emergency backup, particularly for an elderly or vulnerable person living alone

  • Respondents believed variously that the practice was safe as their keys were only left briefly unattended, were hidden in a discreet place or that the neighbourhood was felt to be a ‘safe’ place

  • Keys don’t have to be left outside for burglars to take an opportunity - when left visible/­accessible through windows and letterboxes (something that one in five respondents admitted to doing), keys can be swiftly appropriated and misused

  • Many people have simply ‘lost track’ of spare keys to their home

  • Though the standard, almost cliché, under-the-mat device was the most common trick reported, 8% of respondents said they hid a key under a garden gnome. However amusing it may seem, this 8% figure represents around 160 people when the survey sample size is taken into account, a not-inconsiderable amount of people entrusting their home and contents to a ceramic or plastic figurine with an eternal creepy grin, an untidily-unshaven beard and a redundant fishing rod!

Avoid the risks posed by leaving keys outdoors with the C500 Supra Keysafe, a product of immense quality that has received the highest level of accreditation (LPS1175 Level 1) ever awarded to a product of its kind in the UK, along with police approval under the Secured by Design scheme. When properly installed to a secure wall using the clear provided template and tough, heavy-duty masonry screws, the stainless steel C500 Supra KeySafe with zinc-alloy shell offers unrivalled protection, protecting keys with a double-wall construction, integral clutch, long pry-proof travel belt and optional alarm sensor.

Find out more about the C500 Supra KeySafe and give our team a call to discuss price discount options for bulk orders. Whether it’s anywhere from a private residence to a holiday home, don’t give burglars a helping hand. Be safe, be sure, be Supra!

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