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Carlisle Brass and the Carlisle Design Group

Carlisle Brass architectural ironmongery encompasses a comprehensive selection of quality window and door furniture, ranging from hinges and window fittings to smart letter box-plates, door numerals, bell pushes and clear, professional-quality signage.

For many of the 25 years that Carlisle Brass have been producing their superior range of architectural ironmongery, they have worked closely with Mercer & Sons as close and trusted associates to ensure that  their products are displayed in detail and then distributed according to their impeccable standards.

We feel proud to work so closely with such a diverse company who, throughout their long and fruitful existence, have risen to such a high standard of quality that 90% of the best housebuilders in the UK now officially specify more than 12,000 Carlisle Design Group products and architectural accessories as the industry standard.

As Mercer & Sons have such a compatible, enduring and reliable working relationship with the world-renowned Carlisle Design Group, we can always supply their full complement of quality brass ironmongery that has propelled the company to one of global importance.

By simply clicking through to our dedicated ‘Carlisle Brass’ collection, you will be presented with a powerful arrangement of 12 intuitive and heavily cross-linked subsections that will guide you effortlessly to finding the perfect piece of Carlisle Brass Ironmongery for your unique construction, renovation, repair or retrofit projects.

Please enjoy browsing the Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Lancashire collection of products manufactured by Carlisle Design Group and expertly supplied by our company. You can contact our experienced team directly by calling +44 (0)1254 269407 or email sales@mercer-sons.co.uk with any bespoke specifications you may wish to discuss.

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