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Borg Mechanical Keyless Digital Lock

New for 2012, the Borg Mechanical Keyless Digital Lock has been the latest edition to Mercer and Sons already extensive product range. The lock offers a quick, simple and fool proof solution to changing the code of a mechanical access control.

The BL2901 lock will be part of Borg’s BL2000 series range of mechanical access controls but this particular lock is set apart from the rest of the range and way ahead of any similar product currently available on the market today.

In the other locks which make up the BL2000 range there is a necessity for code changing and this can be a huge hassle. You have to fiddle around removing tumblers when in reality this particular product can be changed with a simple twist of a screwdriver for each button.

There has been a patented “load plate” design which means that this lock is very secure. A user will not be able to determine the code just by feeling the lock. Only the people with the code will be able to gain access; the easy grip knob means that for those who know the code access is easy!

The Borg Mechanical Keyless Digital Lock comes with a one year warranty against faulty material and workmanship and so in purchasing one you can have real peace of mind too!

Mercer and Sons Ltd is the leading supplier of architectural ironmongery within Blackburn, Lancashire. If you need any help or guidance about selecting a lock for your door then please contact us and our friendly team will be on hand to help and offer professional advice.

For more information then please call us on 01254 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk.

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