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Bobrick - Quality and Style

In over 85 countries, Bobrick are the leading providers of a comprehensive range of washroom equipment from shelving systems, mirrors and waste units to hand dryers, coathooks and soap/paper towel dispensers.

Bobrick have a long history of providing quality washroom fittings and accessories, having been established for an astonishing 117 years. Now one of the world's largest designers, manufacturers and suppliers, the company has a strong focus on product development and innovation, continuing to add to their extensive range.

The company prides itself on having a small and select yet effective network of distributors in the UK, Australia and the USA. As one of these exclusive distributors, Mercer & Sons supply a large proportion of Bobrick products to European customers. With over 250 products in stock, we are one of the largest Bobrick distributors and continue to proudly supply the company's product to an ever-growing client base.

The perfect combination of form and function is provided by the Bobrick Coat and Hat Hook, offering a refined and elegant style teamed with superior strength and durability. Rendered in high-grade stainless steel with a satin finish, the hook attaches easily to almost any wall surface and its robust construction is designed to hold even the heaviest of coats. Suited to offices, hotels, restaurants and other public buildings, this product represents incredible value-for-money.

Bobrick have used the same high-grade stainless steel to create the Surface-Mounted Ashtray as part of their range of products. The amount of litter related to smoking is second only to that related to fast-food and so providing smokers with disposal facilities is an essential part of building maintenance. Bobrick's Surface-Mounted Ashtray is the perfect solution, offering swift emptying without the need for removal and designed to be vandal-resistant with secure mounting and a strong welded hinge.

Please enjoy browsing the 250+ products in the Bobrick range. For more information, you can contact our skilled team on 01254 269407 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk

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