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BOBRICK Washroom equipment - BUY On-Line

Bobrick Washroom Equipment

Mercer and Sons Ironmongers Lancashire stock a wide range of Bobrick Washroom equipment. As of next week you can buy the products online. However, why not take the opportunity to take a look at the range of products including bathroom accessories, hand dryers, Paper Towel Dispensers and Soap Dispensers.

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Address: Mercers, Pump St Trade Centre, Blackburn  Lancashire

Contact: 01254 269400

About Bobrick

G.A. Bobrick conceived the idea of the first liquid soap dispenser and was awarded a U.S. Patent for it in 1908.  The Pullman Car Company later asked Bobrick to develop a soap dispenser for use in their railway passenger cars.  The result was the first basin-mounted “Pullman” dispenser, which brought Bobrick a second U.S. Patent in 1912.  These early inventions established Bobrick as a pioneer in soap dispensing equipment and set a new direction for our Company. (Bobrick)

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