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Be Precise, Be Versatile — Choose Festool

Be Precise, Be Versatile — Choose Festool

The Festool PRECISIO Bench-Mounted Trimming Saw is, without any exaggeration whatsoever, one of the most highly-functional machines of its type available on the market today. As its name suggests, the saw is incredibly precise down to the smallest degree and facilitates the work of many different kinds of professionals - it could just as easily have been called the VERSATILO though that doesn't roll off the tongue quite so well, we admit!

Regardless of its name, the PRECISIO trimming saw from market-leading innovators Festool truly is one of the most versatile that we have ever seen here at Mercer & Sons, and that really is saying something. Part of this versatility comes from the finely-engineered blades that can be used with the system, each offering the perfect type of cut for the required application.

As well as supplying a full range of Festool PRECISIO trimming saws, we also provide access to the blades that go with it. As with all products from Mercer’s, you are guaranteed to receive genuine, certified products of the finest quality, each of which rigidly conforms with every health and safety specification laid out in various internal, national and international protocols. The range includes:

  • Finetooth Saw Blades (CS 70) - these expertly-engineered blades deliver the cleanest cross cuts when used in solid wood or coated/veneered panels, ensuring a splinter-free experience

  • Panther Saw Blades (CS 50) - when the difficult combination of low power application and rapid sawing is necessary, especially with those troublesome rip cuts in solid wood, these blades will save you a dramatic amount of time and money. Can also be used on softwood

  • Special Saw Blades (CS 50) - working with compound materials and laminate flooring can be challenging but not with these powerful yet precise blades

  • Universal Saw Blades (CS 70) - use successfully on gypsum fibre boards, soft plastics, building panels and any type of wood or wood composite. Universal blades feature a medium rake angle and alternating teeth to facilitate accurate rip and cross cuts

Getting your cuts right when working with any of these materials is essential to ensure you don't waste any of your precious time or money when carrying out your work. To make sure you never go wrong, choose the PRECISIO trimming saw and accessories from Festool, brought to you at the best possible price by Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery Blackburn.

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