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Be Demanding about Sanding!

Be Demanding about Sanding!

Sanding can’t really be said to be anybody’s favourite woodworking job but good quality tools and accessories can make all the difference, turning a chore into a pleasure. Whether you enjoy doing it or not, it is an essential part of woodworking and so we have created a dedicated section on our website to allow you to instantly access everything you’ll need to achieve the most professional results, every single time.

One of the highlights of the Sanding section of the Mercer & Sons website is the Random Orbital Sander from - you guessed it - Festool Power Tools. The market-leading, globally-recognised engineer and manufacturer of quality power tools and accessories has once again hit the bullseye squarely with the random orbital sander, which is designed to provide you with power exactly when and where you need it.

This expertly-engineered piece of professional equipment is:

  • Perfect for those difficult-to-reach spots, such as ceilings and other overhead work on vertical surfaces

  • Ideal when light sanding of joints is required after any type of repair work

  • Designed to allow for effective and successful one-handed sanding when working with parts that are curved or irregularly shaped - lets you keep one hand free for balance if required

  • Able to work successfully on plastic parts - improves versatility and cuts cost for those who work with both plastic and wood

  • The one-for-all tool that can even be used for preliminary or finishing sanding on very small surfaces

  • Supplied in a robust carton that can be used for storage

  • Supplied complete with accessories including StickFix sanding pad in soft-FT, a StickFix Brilliant 2 sanding disc and a vital filter cartridge - just place your order, take delivery, open the box and you will be sanding in seconds!

There are lots of other items in the ‘Sanding’ section of our website, including:

  • The RustoFix Brush Machine - all of your extraction problems solved with a single tool

  • The PlanEx Long Reach Sander - the solution to sanding at a distance

  • Geared, belt, eccentric rotary and linear sanders - a dizzying choice!

  • All of the accessories for all of the models - including brushes, filter bags, sanding discs, hole punches and much, much more

For all the sanding solutions you’ll ever need in one convenient, cost-effective place, visit the ‘Sanding’ section of our website here!

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