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As one door closes...

The door is a uniquely powerful symbol, rich with history, imagery and emotion. Its obvious practical applications such as offering protection from the elements and providing security from intruders have ancient, primitive roots that affect us deeply on a psychological level - it is for this reason that we find particularly large, heavy and ornately-decorated doors on buildings of power and influence such as churches, courts and executive offices. Are YOUR doors delivering the best that they can? Find out here.

Whatever the shape, size and construction material of a door, it needs to have high-quality fixtures, fittings, components and accessories if it is to live up to its potential and offer continued protection and support. This is where Mercer & Sons Architectural Ironmongery step confidently up to the plate, backed by nearly two centuries of experience, a dedication to improving our knowledge base, a consistent refusal to partner with inferior suppliers and a firm, far-reaching focus on the future.

Our collection of door furniture and accessories is second-to-none and offers everyone the ability to easily transform any internal or external door, giving it a new lease of life and improving both its form and function in a single step. From the non-nonsense practical to the unashamedly aesthetic, we have got it all in our vast collection and our skilled team are standing by to help you source exactly what it is you need - even if you don't know WHAT you need!

The collection is so vast that there is no easy way (& any way at all!) to get it all across to you meaningfully in a single article. So, we have decided to let fate throw the dice and have gathered together a motley, pic ‘n’ mix lucky dip from our selection of architectural ironmongery and door furniture - let these products inspire you to browse further and we are certain you will find what you're looking for.

Door Handles Online

This is where we specialise - we will NOT be beaten on our range of door handles online. Not on our prices, either! Get the glam, choose cool classics or go mad for modern; every door handle in our range is guaranteed to satisfy. Start browsing HERE!

Door Signs

Is this toilet for men or women? Can disabled people get access? Should this door be left open? Where can I change my baby? Pull, Push? Oops Private! I need a shower! And a cigarette! No smoking!? Where's the exit? Say it with signs - be clear, be safe, be informed.

Cat Flap

Tiddles doesn’t LIKE showing you up by meowing pitifully as if he hasn’t been fed for a week, just at the moment the disapproving neighbours get home. He’s doing it to let you know he loves you. If you’d rather he showed his loudmouthed feline affection in a less attention-grabbing place then be the good little human than he knows you can be - install a convenient cat flap so he can come and go as he wishes. We trust only Staywell and can provide their full, comprehensive range.

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