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Are YOU Among the 16% Who Focus Somewhere Else?

When the excitement of the festive season is over and January has really got going, digging in its cold, sharp claws, many of us feel a bit of a slump in energy, motivation and general mood. Brought on by a sense of anticlimax that, after all the midnight celebrations just a few short days ago, not much seems to have really changed, this drop in energy can be quickly counteracted. Want to know how?

One of the defining characteristics of being human is the desire and ability to mark time, carving it up into regular chunks by which we regulate the flow of our lives. Perhaps it is unsurprising, then, that the start of another year has been marked and celebrated without exception by every culture on the planet with such a concept. Ancient New Year traditions adopted variously from primitive cultures survive almost intact to this day and feeling the need for a fresh start as the year begins is certainly nothing new.

One of the things that has the most profound effect on our mood - and therefore our health and general wellbeing - is our home. It is our fortress, our sanctuary and our refuge - designed just the way we want it to be and as familiar as a pair of old slippers. Familiarity does, however, breed contempt and, like those old slippers, must be swept aside with regularity to prevent staleness, boredom and indifference.

New Year is the ideal time to spruce up your home, top to bottom, outside and in - after a good spring clean (even though it’s still midwinter!), take a critical look at your house from the outside. Notice how the first place your eyes are drawn to is the door? This is completely natural and most people (one study revealed 84%) will do exactly the same thing. In the same way you can supposedly tell a man by his shoes, you can tell a house by it’s door and, even if the door itself is well-maintained and of good original quality, the whole effect can be completely marred by mismatching, old or worn door furniture.

We have a vast range of door handles online for you to choose from, along with all ancillary products such as hinges, mortice locks, letter plates and much, much more. The biggest range, the best designers and the most competitive price - three out of three ain’t bad! We recommend you start browsing our door handles online with the Karcher Design collection!

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