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Architectural Ironmongery Bestsellers - Do it For your Door!

Have you checked out the ‘Best Sellers’ section of our architectural ironmongery website recently? Here we list the products that are currently the most popular, influential and talked-about here at Mercer & Sons – it’s a great place to start your visit to our website and there is always sure to be some quality professional product to catch your attention.

So, what products are currently heading up our bestseller lists? Here is a tiny teaser!

Karcher Design Door Handles

Securely and professionally fitted utilising the unique 3-piece rose system designed, engineered and patented by Karcher, these lever door handles online seamlessly combine form with function to deliver a robust yet aesthetically-pleasing solution.

A gorgeous satin stainless/­polished chrome finish gives the door handles a real sense of executive luxury and, supplied with all required bolt-through fixings and a Grade 3 classification, are ideal in high-frequency usage situations.

Choose from Starlight or Rhodos door handles online in our bestsellers section.

Jackloc Window & Door Restrictors

Nobody knows just how many lives the Jackloc has saved since it was invented but what is known is its phenomenal popularity across domestic, commercial and industry sectors. By simply yet securely restricting how wide a door or window can open, the Jackloc completely removes the potential source of injury to children, along with the elderly, vulnerable adults and pets.

As well as keeping precious family safe inside, the Jackloc also works the reverse way and prevents intruders from gaining access so you can enjoy continued ventilation. The standard Jackloc has for many years been one of our signature products but has recently been joined on the bestsellers list by a keyless model – perfect for situations where a key could easily become lost or stolen, such as in a hotel.

Union Retro 3 Door Closer

Primarily designed for refurbishment and renovation projects, the newest door closer from Union has been an instant hit with our customers. Built to the same blueprint as most standard door closers in the UK, this superior silver model will deliver dramatically-improved performance while remaining quick, simple and reliable to install.

The Retro 3 Door Closer from Union will work perfectly on all doors up to a max width of 95cm with a mass of up to a generous 60kg. Supplied with a comprehensive, easy-to-use template and a clear, detailed pictorial installation guide, this product carries full CE Approval and bears the distinctive CE Mark of quality. Orders of five or more items will enjoy rapid delivery absolutely free with our compliments.

Check out the rest of our most popular current products by visiting our ‘Best Sellers’ section now!

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