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Architectural Ironmongery at Mercers

Mercer & Sons Ltd has long been known for our supply of architectural ironmongery. Having had over 170 years of experience within this particular industry amongst other things our unbeatable stock, competitive prices and expert, friendly service has meant that we fulfil customer requirements with speed and efficiency.

However, just how important is architectural ironmongery in our lives today?

Believe it or not architectural ironmongery contributes to the construction of many buildings and well known architectural landmarks. With new, modern and trendy technologies arriving all the time in regards to architectural design it is often that the real importance of architectural ironmongery is overlooked.

Probably without even realising it becomes apparent that architectural ironmongery can be found everywhere, in our homes, workplaces, local shops and many other buildings. Just to break it down we have to understand what ironmongery actually is. Now without sounding patronising ironmongery is any products which are related to iron and often used in the construction industry.

Door handles, door knobs, grab rails, hinges, door closers and even screws are just a few ironmongery products which spring to mind. Mercers supply a number of these products from leading brands so that our customers only get the best and highest in quality.

Without architectural ironmongery the lives of every single person would be greatly impaired. It provides us with easy living as well as various safety aspects. Installing secure equipment to doors such as locks, door knobs, latches and door chains are just a few pieces of ironmongery which help to protect property and provide safety.

The real importance of architectural ironmongery has been seen recently when research found that on average a house which was for sale on the market would sell for a higher price with architectural ironmongery present than a house which did not have architectural ironmongery incorporated.

Architectural ironmongery within buildings can be easily noticed when it complements the overall character of the property. Based on our heavy reliance upon architectural ironmongery it is safe to say that it will always have a highly significant part within our lives.

Don’t just take our word for it though! Go out, look around and just see how many architectural ironmongery products you can see, maybe you will surprise yourself!

For all of our architectural ironmongery direct then make sure you come to Mercers, our competitive prices and wide range will mean not only can you find just what you’re looking for but you will find it at the right price too!

Call us today on 01254 269400 or email info@mercer-sons.co.uk and get your ironmongery products all under one roof.

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